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    Technology is Funny

    I suspect this isn't all that new, but I just discovered that Amazon has feature where you can snap a photo on your camera phone and then submit the photo. Amazon claims it can thenl locate the object you've photographed and "remember" it for you to purchase later.

    In an effort to push this feature to the limit, I decided to photograph something I knew Amazon does not sell--specifically my Sub 1000T Pro--to see what would happen. Check out this link. I'm sure the folks at Doxa will be thrilled to know that Amazon thinks the 1000T Pro is a $50 pink, woman's watch!

    Guess this new "Amazon remembers" feature still has a few kinks, huh?

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    Re: Technology is Funny

    Ah, but that watch sure looks like a bargain since you save 34% off retail!

    How much do you want to bet that if you take a pic of a Rolex sub Amazon will find you an Invicta 8926! And for what it is worth I had the Invicta for a while and it was a great watch for the $89 I paid on Amazon back in early 2007 or so.

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