Thoughts on this vintage 300T aqua-lung?

Thread: Thoughts on this vintage 300T aqua-lung?

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    Thoughts on this vintage 300T aqua-lung?

    Thinking about purchasing this vintage 300T. Not new to watches but somewhat new to Doxa, especially vintage.

    From what I can tell, nothing about the watch raises any red flags. The only thing I noticed was the crown looks replaced.

    I am having difficulty understanding the 300T generations. I know early 300T's have a few versions- some with Synchron markings and some without. The sailboat caseback originally made me think it was one of the first 300T's. But the serial seems to begin with "75" which makes me think its a later year (1975). Also, the bracelet clasp has a Synchron marking.

    I see similar examples selling in a wide range - from $2000 to $3500+. Can anyone help me narrow down that range?

    Any other thoughts/comments are welcome and appreciated.

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    Re: Thoughts on this vintage 300T aqua-lung?

    It doesn't look like anyone has responded, so I'll give some of my own thoughts.

    For these vintage 300Ts, there is a bit of a premium for having the Aqualung print on the dial as well as the earlier sailboat Doxa on the caseback. Bonus points for having what looks like an earlier bracelet as well. You are correct that the crown is a replacement crown. Getting a proper doxa signed one is actually pretty difficult, but I don't necessarily think it changes the actual cost of the watch too much.

    I wish I could give you a better range than $2000-$3500, but it will generally depend on condition of the dial as well as the movement. From your pictures, it looks like the dial is relatively clean (e.g. I assume most scratches are on the crystal and not dial). The case looks worn, but honest.

    I'd say your closest comparison is probably this ebay listing which has a similar watch in similar condition. This was sold at a "best offered price" below $3500.

    Best of luck.

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