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    Took the forums advice - Got a 750T Pro

    I flipped my Sub 5000T Professional a little while ago - great watch, but too much "Bling" for my tastes. Just got a Sub 750T Professional based on the advise of fellow forum members - Thanks! I do prefer the 750T overall to the 5000T, but the 5000T definitely is a great piece too.

    Here is my opinion on what are the positives of these two watches, for what it is worth:

    Sub 5000T Professional:
    - Love the proportions of the case - Smaller dial to case diameter ratio and thicker than the 750 case.
    - The bracelet is very well made - Especially the awesome clasp with its unique adjustment feature - really nice.

    Sub 750T Professional:
    - Dial and hands - I prefer the black hands and indices to the shiny ones of the 5000T - Although the fact that the dial indices on the 5000T are applied is a nice touch. I prefer the offset Doxa logo and the "cross hairs" style of the 750T dial - truer to the vintage watches.
    - I really dig the rice bead style bracelet on the 750T. I have a 1967 Sub 300T Professional and I love the way this modern, solid bracelet emulates that look - brilliant. I also like that it is all brushed and has no polished surfaces except on the sides of the links. The 5000T bracelet is thicker and better made overall, however.
    - I prefer the flat crystal on the 750T. Generally I like domed crystals, but the one on the 5000T is a bit too "Corum Bubble" for my tastes. The 750T is more legible overall.

    One improvement I would make to both watches:
    - Bigger crowns - I think that a 1 to 2 mm larger diameter crown would better fit the large proportion of these watches. The vintage Subs had larger crowns, proportionately.

    Both these watches are great. These are just my personal preferences. I will have to post some pics later! I would love to hear the opinions of others who have owned both the 5000T and 750T series. Thanks!

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    Re: Took the forums advice - Got a 750T Pro

    Great choice. Enjoy

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    Re: Took the forums advice - Got a 750T Pro

    I prefer the 750T also becausse of the flat crystal.

    The one thing I do want to point out is that the 5000T is not supposed to be like the classic, it is a move towards the future for Doxa. The 1000T is the one that is like the classic. With that being said the 5000T is a nice move and I think in a lot of ways it is a very good move for Doxa.
    John M.

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