I had this idea months ago about a two tone 750T or 1000T Caribbean sub, and I can't get it out of my mind. I think it would be the best Doxa ever (better than the 1200T Searambler, 750GMT Caribbean and 800Ti Pro I have anyway).

The beads of rice would be gold, and the outer links of the bracelet steel. The inner register on the bezel would be gold, and the outer steel. The indices would be gold with lume. For the hands, maybe gold for the hour and second, and orange for the minute?

The problem is that solid gold is expensive and heavy, and gold plating on a dive watch doesn't make sense to me. So I was thinking that gold DLC would be affordable and durable, and would actually protect the watch from scratches, rather than being a scratch magnet like real gold. DLC over a polished surface looks quite good, although I've only seen black DLC used like this. The only companies I know of using colored DLC are Bathys and Linde Werdelin (spelling?).

I don't think the watch would be that hard to make, using DLC, but I doubt it will ever happen. Still, it's better to have a grail that doesn't exist, I guess, in order to keep the quest going.