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    Vintage Doxa Repairs

    I am curious as to how many of you, who have sent your vintage watches for service and repair, receive the old parts back with the watch. Is it a common practice for most watchmakers to do that?

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    Hi David, this is a good question. As an example for DOXA, if you send your watch to DOXAs resoration service in Europe, you can request all the old parts, they are part of your watch, and you own them and can decide, whether you want them back or not

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    Re: Vintage Doxa Repairs

    Hello Davep,

    As you are the owner of the watch, you own as well all its component. So the watchmaker has to send you back changed parts after service or repair.

    To my knowledge, only Rolex does not respect this principle.


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    Re: Vintage Doxa Repairs

    I don't think Brielting will send back replaced parts either. They control thier parts distribution about as heavy handedly as Rolex controls pricing.

    But, if we're talking about a vintage watch, I would insist on the return of anything replaced (then again, are they still usable?).
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