Vintage Sub 300t pics...FINALLY.

Thread: Vintage Sub 300t pics...FINALLY.

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    Vintage Sub 300t pics...FINALLY.

    Some of you might remember my post from a few months ago. I was digging through some of my passed (20 years) grandfathers old possessions and ran across a vintage Sub 300t. Being a WIS who has always been interested in the Doxa brand I immediately knew what it was

    Anyways, I had a service on the watch from my Rolex AD. I have started to repaint the bezel using the great instructions on this forum (still need to paint 100 and 90). The last couple of things...need to send it in for are a relume (original tritium missing at 11:00, 2:00 and 4:00) and a new crystal.

    So I finally bought a new camera which arrived today and these are the first snaps.

    Thanks for taking a look.

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    Re: Vintage Sub 300t pics...FINALLY.

    Here is a larger version of the 4th picture...

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    Re: Vintage Sub 300t pics...FINALLY.

    great looking watch, I love vintage!

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    Re: Vintage Sub 300t pics...FINALLY.

    Wow that is great , do you remember seeing your Grandad wearing it? I hope you were lucky enough to see that, probaly gave you your first taste of WIS want.
    Wear it in great health.
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    I was asked what the time was that was on my watch ?
    Does anybody really know what time it is ?
    Does anybody really care ?
    If so I can't imagine why..........
    I do, I do, I do care about time.
    (Thanks R Lamm)

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