We the 300 (Reissue) your First dive, let's hear it.
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Thread: We the 300 (Reissue) your First dive, let's hear it.

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    We the 300 (Reissue) your First dive, let's hear it.

    Mine was in the late 60's in a NE Pennsylvania lake. Small shop rented ski boats and dive gear. Mom took me for my 12th bday. Guy asked if I could swim (yes), strapped a steel 50 to me with a J valve and dual hose regulator. Said try not to go over your head, don't hold your breath and come back when it gets hard to breathe. No BCD, no gauges, remember that dive to this day. Years later got certified in Norfolk, Va. Became an instructor with SSI and PADI with several specialties. Remember that first dive to this day. Couldn't afford a Doxa then, can now. These days I find things that folks drop off the dock and clean my boat hull. You?
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    Re: We the 300 (Reissue) your first dive - lets here it

    Check your title
    "My GREATEST FEAR is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my watches for what I told her I paid for them."

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    Re: We the 300 (Reissue) your First dive, let's hear it.

    Thanks, old eyes and auto correct.

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    Re: We the 300 (Reissue) your First dive, let's hear it.

    My first dive was at the age of 11, back in 1983. A friend of my father's was getting certified, and knowing how interested I was in scuba, asked if I wanted to go down to the dive shop and get in their pool. I'd wanted to dive since I was 3, and had already decided to get certified at age 12 a few months later. It was a blast, however to get to try scuba a few months early. That was my first dive, and I'm still diving to this day.
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    Re: We the 300 (Reissue) your First dive, let's hear it.

    My first dive was in 2000, in Monterey, by the Breakwater. It was part of my open water class. Visibility was about 2 feet, the water was freezing, and my rental wetsuit was thin and ill fitting. But I made it through, and have come to appreciate having gotten certified in those conditions. And now I love Monterey, in my drysuit
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    Re: We the 300 (Reissue) your First dive, let's hear it.

    Grew up in Pacific Grove. Love Monterey and the the wharf.
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    Re: We the 300 (Reissue) your First dive, let's hear it.

    West Point, Plebe Year, early Spring 1987, Upstate NY... You get the picture. Brrrrrr...

    I have since dove all over the world for work and play and have to say, if it ain't warm, it ain't fun.

    SR 020 of 300 sends regards, y'all.

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    Re: We the 300 (Reissue) your First dive, let's hear it.

    1998, Kenya - Mombasa. +36°C (PADI, "the Crab"... by Andy from Germany)..
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