What is a DOXA?

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    What is a DOXA?

    I was just wondering what is the best way to explain to people(especially those who claim to know a lot about watches) what a DOXA is in 5 minutes or less?



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    Re: What is a DOXA?

    Dive watch (Swiss). Historic (one of the early dive watch Icons). Worn by the Cousteau team back in the day (so were MANY other brands, but....).

    Show them your Sharkie!
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    Re: What is a DOXA?

    I've tried so many times, in so many ways to answer this question for non-Doxaholics. In short, I haven't found a good way to do this.

    I've attempted to lay out the history of Doxa - first making a name for themselves on the dashboards of Bugatti racing legends.

    Then I introduce the Dirk Pitt/Clive Cussler connection, explaining that the Doxa professional was the original Dive watch for the Scuba elite... it helps that a 600T starred in Sahara (some say the best part of the movie )

    Of great import is the reissue story, how demand and interest in this particular watch sparked a resurgence in the "diving division" of Doxa. I explain how Rick ushered in a new era for all of us (then I usually brag a bit how I bought one of the first 300T's in May 2002).

    Both shorter and more extensive explainations have been attempted on innocent admirers, and invariably they wander away more mystified than ever. I suspect many of us have had similar experiences, which is why we're here. It was a real treat to meet with fellow Doxaholics in Grand Cayman, where we touched on this topic (and got our watches wet). One simply can't explain this obsession to "non-believers". Perhaps that's the definition of an irrational interest. So be it. I'm still here.
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    Re: What is a DOXA?


    It is the same thing with my Harley. They have a saying that if I have to explain you wouldn't understand! No truer words have been spoken and it fits with DOXA and even our whole fascination with watches in general! But we know, that is all that matters. Power to the mainspring!

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