What Doxa to take ??

Thread: What Doxa to take ??

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    What Doxa to take ??

    Well it's that time of year, the wife and I along with the kids are leaving for a camping trip (motor home I know it's not true camping ;) to FL. this Fri nite it was easy last year as I had only 2 Doxa's a 750 Pro & 750 Shark. This year I was thinking maybe just take my Sub 600T Pro or taking the both 600 pro and 750 shark and alternate them. I must say my Sub 600t Pro has gotten a lot more wrist time.
    Tonite I was working at the dive shop doing a service on a US Divers Conshelf XIV and I happened to look at my Sub 600 Pro, and the light hit it just right and man oh man it's one great looking watch, I hope to someday get a nice vintage US Divers Doxa as me and the other tech just love old school US Divers stuff, I still dive my old double hose regs made in 1965-66.

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    Re: What Doxa to take ??

    oh boy! Hope I never get to a point of making threads like this
    Maybe you should take the sub 600 since it's a smaller watch. I guess would be more comfortable since you gonna be doing activities with your family.

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    Re: What Doxa to take ??

    Wear the one that'll fit under a plastic glove

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    Re: What Doxa to take ??

    I find the 600T more comfortable and closer to the original as all the other reeditons
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