What's Wrong With These Two Pics?

Thread: What's Wrong With These Two Pics?

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    What's Wrong With These Two Pics?

    My wife and daughter and I were on vacation in Southern Florida (Miami, Homestead, Key Largo). Here's a picture of me with a Barracuda I caught while saltwater flats fishing with my best friend (he owns the boat company - www.dolphinboats.com )....

    And here's me snorkeling....

    We all had a wonderful time. Speaking of time...did you guess what's wrong yet? NO DOXA! I was without my Doxa SUB 300T Professional Re-Issue because it's still at Doxa's US repair facility. It drove me nuts to be in and around saltwater (I'm from landlocked Illinois!) without my Doxa!

    It's interesting to take notice on how easy the face of the Doxa SUB is to tell time. I like my older Seiko but I sure can't just "glance" at it and see the time as well as I can with the Professional. And underwater, the silver face and hands are really hard to see (but the Seiko is not a "dive" watch anyway).

    Did you notice my orange Oakleys and my orange swim trunks too?

    I really miss my Doxa. I hope it comes home soon and keeps better time and doesn't stop anymore.
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    Re: What's Wrong With These Two Pics?

    I can understand you missing your Doxa when you have the chance to be in and around the water like that.

    One thing I would certainly not miss would be the barracuda as I have a 2" circle of flesh missing from the front of my left shin thanks to one of them.
    Was snorkelling in Tobago when one rather a lot bigger than the one in the pic took a fancy to me. Quite scary at the time but has never put me off being back in the water even when they're around.
    Only sea creature that does that was a jellyfish that wrapped itself round my leg leaving me with swellings that looked like purple ropes. Very Painful indeed.

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    Re: What's Wrong With These Two Pics?

    I'm also eagerly awaiting the return of my Doxa from the U.S. service site...I expect to get it back by the end of this week from what the good folks say. I've been in the water nearly daily and I'm going nuts without my trusty 750 Pro on my wrist...

    Don't worry...the wait is almost over!


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