When Halloween Rolls Around...

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    When Halloween Rolls Around...

    This may be heresy, but I am looking for a quality orange rubber strap for my 600T. Not for everyday wear but sometimes I just feel like oranging (sic) folks out. Any help or direct me somewhere would be appreciated.



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    Re: When Halloween Rolls Around...

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    Re: When Halloween Rolls Around...

    Unfortunately, neither of those straps will fit a 600T...they are both 22mm and the lug width of the 600T is 20mm ...you night be able to squeeze them on, but...


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    Re: When Halloween Rolls Around...

    Quote Originally Posted by Alas View Post
    Wow, those look great, and are quite a bargain! I think this is for a regular 600T Though (not a T Graph) so he'll need something in 20mm (those are listed as 22/24 and 22mm).

    Not rubber, but the orange ZULU is VERY orange, and would probably have the desired effect. Might also want to have a look at Squinky's orange "Tropic" repro (I have one, haven't tried it out yet). Mine is 22mm, but I'm prety sure he's got them in 20mm. You can find him on the Sales Corner.
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