Win a Dream Date with Andy Bard...

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    Win a Dream Date with Andy Bard...

    Okay, not exactly!

    But our charming Mr. Bard will once again be attending the Clive Cussler Convention in Denver. For those of you holding tickets - good deal and he'll see you there!

    Andy will be posting regularly on the Forum - pictures, updates, etc. So for those of you who can't make it can get a taste of the event.

    For those of you attending - Andy will have some interesting bits of DOXA lore!

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    Re: Win a Dream Date with Andy Bard...

    Dang! I wish I'd realized the CCC was coming up so soon. I'd hoped to go, but can't swing it on this short of notice (and I just put in for time off for the Searaider's rally, couldn't get this time off too).

    Andy, have a great time, really looking forward to your reporting from the convention. Please post LOTS of pics!

    And guys, last year I couldn't go because of my Nephews wedding . But this year is was simple lack of (timely) thought and planning. Please, when the '09 convention is announced as it inevitably will be, someone please let us know on the board!

    Regards, T Bone.

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    Re: Win a Dream Date with Andy Bard...

    Kathy and I had a good time last year with Andy and Pete Millar being there. We wanted to go again this year but we had to change my plans. We will be in Washington state during the CCCS this year. Needed to go home to spend sometime with my sisters. We do plan on next years convention so we look forward to Clive and the gang then.
    John M.

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