WOOOT WOOOT Sharky inbound!

Thread: WOOOT WOOOT Sharky inbound!

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    WOOOT WOOOT Sharky inbound!

    Just got "the email" and it will be here the morning I take off for Christmas vacation!

    I have a buddy staying at my place over the holidays and was starting to think he was going to see the watch before I was. Now I'll be WEARING the sucker to go visit the parents....barring any custom hold-ups that is.

    THANKS DOXA!!!!!!!!! and Merry Christmas to everyone else!
    I have too many watches.....

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    Re: WOOOT WOOOT Sharky inbound!

    I just got my FedEx notice as well! I too was getting worried that some how it would be 2008 before I'd be enjoying my new DOXA. It is hard to imagine that just 1 year ago I was eagerly awaiting the delivery of my first DOXA.

    Now I am waiting for delivery of the 7th!

    I don't have a DOXA problem, I can quit anytime I want . . . .

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    Re: WOOOT WOOOT Sharky inbound!

    Yeeeha! Just got mine too! Nice one DOXA, just a shame my poor old Dad's not around anymore to share in my joy-he used to love a good old fiddle about with watches

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