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    Re: Finally!

    How sad is it that it's some small measure of success to get your watch back after sending it in for repair a year ago?

    Although I still really like the design of many Kobold models, I would never purchase one new now, and I'd still be hesitant to own a used one. IMHO, the name has been tarnished with all the shenanigans of MK. Sucks, because a few years ago, I really was enthusiastic about them & wanted to join the club.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to come here to dump on the brand or this thread. Just giving my honest opinion, FWIW.
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    Re: Finally!

    Quote Originally Posted by Genebe View Post

    Sorry, I didn't mean to come here to dump on the brand or this thread. Just giving my honest opinion, FWIW.
    You're not dumping on anything. Kobold was a cool micro that tried to go huge, and was run by someone who believed his own press releases. I wouldn't buy any Kobold watch from the company any time soon. The only used one I would even consider buying would be one that could be repaired by a local watch maker. Mine was looked at by several watch makers who had no way to adequately repair it.

    It's sad, I really liked many of the designs, and was going to order an SMG for myself before the company was torpedoed by it's owner's delusions of grandeur.
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