Hi all,

I have a 14 year old IWC Portofino that I bought new. I haven't worn it all that much recently as we moved from the UK to NZ (maybe 3-4 months out of the year) as its so humid the strap just gets destroyed. I started wearing it again as I got a nato strap for it (missed wearing it) and just noticed it is losing 5 seconds per day. I believe IWC's standard is 0 to +7. I haven't sent it for a service for a while and probably won't bother as 5 seconds isn't the end of the world (and it's consistently 5 seconds) and I plan to wear it for a while ow but I was wondering if I how I am storing it overnight would make a difference? I just lay it flat. Should it in your opinion be crown up or down to address this? Any hacks much appreciated!