well guys, I am new to the forum and only bought my first IWC (Portugese ref IW500114 a month ago) and collected Zeniths and Baumes prior to IWC (and it ain't gonna stop!).

ADs and Non-AD dealers and Boutiques have made for big ongoing investigative pleasure for me over the past years, and I have found here in Hong Kong at least:

Boutiques: that would not be able to give any discount, and would have very good boutique-exclusive pieces, like the Platinum 5001, and the Platinum 3762

Authorized Dealers: that would straight up offer 10% and not budge a cent more because they can't. Comparatively, Zenith ADs, especially for older models, are able to drop rates

Non AD dealers: who can offer up to 22% usually, because of parallel imports from Europe, usually Switzerland, and ship it in. Warranty is international, and purchased as though from a dealer/AD (I'm not sure which) from Switzerland or Europe.

Websites: especially from the United States, that provide up to a massive 32%, and purchased as though from a dealer/AD (I'm not sure which) from the United States.

All this makes for exciting decision making and genuineness authentication - I think the ADs/non AD dealers are doing a roaring biz though.

I appreciate and collect writing instruments too, and here is an interesting counter-point I have found: Mont Blanc, which like IWC is also under Richemont, has trained staff who would openly proclaim: "Its perfectly fine if you come in to learn more and enjoy our products and services, and buy later from a dealer". I found this attitude remarkable - I don't want to have to beat about the bush that the dealer down the road can offer a straight up 20% discount. But at the same time I do not wish to take advantage of the hospitality of the boutiques.

is that your experience in the various cities you buy in ?