Trying to make sense of the IWC Mark XV (IW3253)

Thread: Trying to make sense of the IWC Mark XV (IW3253)

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    Cool Trying to make sense of the IWC Mark XV (IW3253)

    I'm trying to make sense of this model with sword hands and silver/white dial (non printed), like this one:

    The information that can be found about this model and this setup is really poor. For example in articles where the Mark's history is explained these changes is never mentioned (that is the changes with the sword hands, silver/white dial which is not printed), for example

    In my opinion this watch with this setup is quite underrated. It has sapphire glas, the sword hands, no printed dial (which of course has it's charms) and still the smaller size of 38mm case which cannot be found in later models who has sword hands. Sure it lacks the JLC movement. However, the ETA is heavily modified by IWC and in reality have more in common with an inhouse movement than the ETA.

    But still, I cant find anything online about this model. Like what reference number does it have with this kind of dial? What year was it in production? How many was produced? If you have any more information on this model, please let me know below. Thanks!

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    Re: Trying to make sense of the IWC Mark XV (IW3253)

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    Trying to make sense of the IWC Mark XV (IW3253)


    Here’s the link to the Workbook:

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