Bought a Hamilton Air Zermatt on a whim

Thread: Bought a Hamilton Air Zermatt on a whim

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    Bought a Hamilton Air Zermatt on a whim

    Never owned a Hamilton watch before, I have a pretty decent size watch collect and as such I tend to wear the same watch twice a month max (the collection is getting big enough to being only once a month per watch). The collection consists of couple Omega, Rolex, Tags, Maurice Lacroix, Ulysses Nardin, Bell & Ross, Chopard etc. As well as some a couple beaters (Citizen Aqualand Eco Drive, Esquire Ashton)

    I got hit with an targeted online ad for the Hamilton Air Zermatt (H64625131) which looked awesome in picture and just bought it. Having a bit of a whirl wind feeling of excitement and a small amount of buyers remorse as I wait for it to be shipped.

    So tell me, how do you guys like Hamilton? How is the quality and the movements compared to some of the above cited watches? Also, anyone have the particular model I just order? If so what are your thoughts? If not, what have you heard about this model?

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    Re: Bought a Hamilton Air Zermatt on a whim

    I’m wearing a Hamilton right now as my Rolex, Omega and Zenith sit in the box at home. I am quite comfortable wearing my Hamilton collection whenever I feel. I’ve never had any quality issues with any Hamilton. I suspect the only question will be whether you like the fit, feel and design of a model you bought online sight unseen.

    Edit to note that I am wearing the Khaki Pilot Day Date today, which is a dial variation of the Air Zermatt. It is a very nicely finished and comfortable watch to wear. It has been getting a lot of wrist time from me lately. I think it’s a good value for the money.
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    Re: Bought a Hamilton Air Zermatt on a whim

    I may not have that particular Khaki Pilot Day and Date model you are referring too, but I do own a Khaki Pilot Day and Date (see my post: ).

    As to your question, what do I think of Hamilton? What I can tell you is that I really do like the Hamilton brand, which I currently own five Hamiltons. For me, it provides the overall aesthetics that I like, along with excellent quality for the money. My Hamilton Khaki Pilot has been getting a lot of wrist time since I purchased it a few weeks ago, which is kind of bad news for my other Hamilton watches in my collection.

    One of the things I do like about the Khaki Pilot Day Date models is the dial layout with minute numerals/indexes on the chapter ring, and a small sub-chapter ring with hour numerals, which is a reflection of the classic Flieger Baumuster B dials.

    As for Hamilton's new H movements, you will not be disappointed. For if worn daily, you will appreciate its precision of accuracy; and, if you rotate your watches every few days, you will appreciate the 80 hour power reserve.

    Enjoy your Air Zermatt when it arrives.

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