My Hamilton auto has a peculiar it a fake?

Thread: My Hamilton auto has a peculiar it a fake?

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    My Hamilton auto has a peculiar it a fake?

    I found a decent deal on a pre-owned hamilton khaki pioneer... The watch arrived a all looked good until closer inspection:

    - Ive notice that the genuine version of this watch has a 3 digit number on the right side of the "swiss-made" lettering on the dial just below the 6...
    - The "H" on the crown looks correct, however, the knurling around the edges stops short.
    - The leather strap that it came on looks correct but I swapped it for a different one because I wasnt a fan of the rivets...

    But my main item in question:
    - The movement appears to be an ETA 2824-2. It even has the tiny inscription "2824-2" near the balance wheel, BUT the regulator is only single pronged instead of the double prong with the set screw in between. Ive seen this on older 2824 movements that were 17 jewels... This watch is supposed to be 25 jewels as noted on the rotor (which looks legit to me btw)

    This watch was labeled as "Vintage". Im suspecting this may be a franken-repair that has a swapped older 17 jeweled movement. OR is it possible that Hamilton made them like this at one point? Do they makle 25 jeweled movements with this regulator?

    The watch works great so far but I can still return it. I just wanted to get some other eyes on it before I stir things up. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: My Hamilton auto has a peculiar it a fake?

    Without going against the Forum's Rules and Guidelines No. 9., if you question its authenticity, and you are within a period of return it, then send it back.

    Note: If the case back says Auto 2824-2 then it should be a 25 Jewel automatic movement. An ETA 2804-2 has a 17 Jewel hand wind movement.

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    Re: My Hamilton auto has a peculiar it a fake?

    Yeah, time to send that one back.

    Do you notice the scrape marks near the edge of the rotor? I wouldn't be surprised if that rotor came from a different movement.

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