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    Addicted to Stowa

    New to watches, and antea ks is my first nice watch. i'm now constantly looking at and reading about the flieger and marine original.

    are the rest of you exclusively stowa owners, or do you have any other favorite brands to balance your collection a bit more?

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    Re: Addicted to Stowa

    Stowa is certainly a favourite of mine, but by no means exclusive.

    Here are three I've had
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1455223570.251740.jpg
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    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1455223587.285584.jpg
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    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1455223617.173355.jpg
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    And the one I still have
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1455223646.443804.jpg
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    Re: Addicted to Stowa

    Same here -- a major player in my watch box, but not the only one. I have two Stowas that I'm pretty sure I'll never sell, but I have three Stowas total right now and several watches from other brands. My collection has really been in flux lately, but two of my Stowas are here for the long haul. At least that's my current thinking. :)

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    Re: Addicted to Stowa

    I have a Partitio, an Antea 390 and a Marine Automatic plus some vintage Stowa and now a Kleine Schauer Einzeiger that has taken most of my wrist time last couple of months. A flieger B, Antea KS/365, Prodiver and maybe TO2 (if not too big) are on my wishlist.
    But I also own some other other brands, mainly Seiko, Frederic Constant and currently waiting for a Stuckx Bull after the Kickstarter campaign.

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    Re: Addicted to Stowa

    damn that inox is beautiful!
    i think it's always good to have different brands, even though you prefer one. there's plenty of other nice watches beside stowas.

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    Re: Addicted to Stowa

    Stowa does a few things really well. For me it will be just a component of the collection, but that has more to do with my aesthetic.

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    Re: Addicted to Stowa

    Stowa is a brand with a lot of cult following. Its an old brand with young image to the audience. Its one of the darling of WUS. It is one of the growing brand. Buying the watch is like growing together with it. The connection is akin to blood and thunder. No word can describe the bond. Everytime, you think of a watch, you yell "stowa".

    Btw, read the link at my signature if you want to know more about: Why you want to be a Stowaristi.....

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    Re: Addicted to Stowa

    S: Stowa
    T: Time piece
    O: Obsessive
    W: Watch
    A: Addiction
    S: Syndrome

    Have 3 with two more on the way from Stowa. Don't own any others. Went through about 20 watches until I bought my first Stowa last July.....then the symptoms began to manifest.
    You're completly powerless and there is no 12 - step program for it.
    So enjoy the 'affliction' while you have the time! ;)
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    Re: Addicted to Stowa

    Haha, I recently got Flieger T02 and I am drooling over Marine Original, Flieger Klassik, Prodiver... :), epsecially when I read the thread Who else is wearing Stowa.
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    Re: Addicted to Stowa

    I've almost pulled trigger on Stowa diver a few times. I have come to appreciate German brands after owning a couple of admittedly downmarket micro brands and one upmarket Muhle Glashutte, and all present very high quality for the money (Helberg CH8 and Steinhart Ocean GMT especially). The Helberg has perfect proportions for a 43mm watch and operation of both is flawless (ETA 2824 on CH8 and Steiny has 2893, no slouch for sure). However, not a Sinn fan at all as I often read something mentioning issues with the AR of the crystal having issues and a lot of folks mentioning recently having service. I've serviced my Rolex exactly twice in 22 yrs, never serviced an ETA, and own a dozen or so vintage Seikos from 39-46 yrs old that I'm pretty sure have never been touched. Nonetheless, the Germans don't get their due IMO.

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