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    airman ikarus

    sooo, im planning on purchasing a "airman ikarus" , but my question is this.........Are there anyother comprable watches with a grey face? i really like this aspect of the watch and am exicited to see what it will look like on my wrist.......Also, im itching to purchase a "pro-diver" and searched through the sales section and found a teal face, that has been im in love with it and was just wondering if it would be very dificult to track this watch color down???

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    Re: airman ikarus

    Grey dials: NOMOS offers dark grey dials, look out for Tangente or Tangomat Ruthenium.
    Prodiver: Patience is requested, there aren't much around with a grey dial. Check the sales corners here and on TZ frequently, you should also check Maybe you have the luck to get hold of one of those beauties.

    Good luck.

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    Re: airman ikarus

    I just recently saw on Watchuseek forum a Rhodium dialed Prodiver, so they do come up for sale.


    Here is what the beautiful Ikarus Rhodium-dialed watch looks like:

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