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    Exclamation Alert !!!!

    The server and forums will be down for maintenance while we will switch to another server and dns, meaning it could take 24 hours untill everyone sees the new url. In the meantime some of you will see a temp page with instructions to continue to the forum.

    Why? Well, I've been in contact by phone several times today with my server support to discuss the current server (over)load. Therefore all files are now being moved to a new server. There is also a 2nd server in backorder to support this new server.

    Sorry for any invonveniences this may cause, but it is a must, not a choice.
    Best regards,

    Ernie Romers
    Founder and former site owner,

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    Re: Alert !!!!

    Well, Europe (Berlin) seems to be back on the new server ! Hope all worked out as expected.

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    Re: Alert !!!!

    East coast of the US is back! I missed you guys.

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