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    Wow, all I can say is AMAZING! I ordered an Antea KS Monday night local time and Thursday it shows up here in Oklahoma! Watch is great and service was even better, if that is possible.

    One small question though; Included in the delivery was one Schauer catalog, one Stowa catalog, and what I think is a warranty info (it is in German, I only speak English). I was a little surprised that there wasn't a small instuction sheet. I realize how to wind and set the watch, I'm just a little syrprised there wasn't something telling me how or warning me not to overwind the wattch.

    I'm not complaining, this thing is a great watch especially when considering the price. Next will be a Marine Original than a Black Antea followed, hopefully, an orange Seatime with black hands.

    Great watch and great service Mr. and Mrs. Schauer!


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    Re: Amazing!

    Thanks for your comments ! Why do I miss a pic

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    Re: Amazing!

    Quote Originally Posted by stuffler,mike
    Why do I miss a pic
    Yeah, I know. We have sold our house and are packing to move. The digi comera is packed away and it may be a whi,e before I can use it again.

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