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    Another Stowa Flieger Original LE

    Last week I had the opportunity to meet once again Jörg Schauer at Engelsbrand :

    My limited FO N° 3/80 was ready for delivery.

    He and his staff are still working in the old location :

    During spring he will move into the new building that is still under construction.

    Jörg and my new watch were awaiting me :

    Jörg had put the new closed type strap on it, a very nice strap I could eventually wear on my ankle but alas not on my tiny wrist !

    I’m not particularly fond of the other offered straps so forgive me please but I have sinned and put a Teju lizard strap on the watch.

    Now lets see the pics :

    The finish of the case and dial are really outstanding considering the price of the watch :

    On one side of the case you can see the typical B-Uhren engraving "Fl 23883" :

    The hands are superb too :

    The glow is first-rate :

    On my wrist the 41 mm size is perfect :

    The modified Unitas 6497 :

    On my watch the engraved balance bridge is not gold plated but rhodium plated :

    As you know and in order to satisfy the purists the watch is delivered with a plane engraved and numbered case back :

    There is ball to unscrew the case back too :

    I’m really enjoying this Airman and I’d like to thank Jörg for the once again excellent work he did !

    Thanks for looking.


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    Re: Another Stowa Flieger Original LE

    Congrats and very very nice shots

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    Re: Another Stowa Flieger Original LE

    All has been said; and nice to see what is going on in Engelsbrand....
    thx and enjoy
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    Re: Another Stowa Flieger Original LE

    That are really excellent photos.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    Re: Another Stowa Flieger Original LE

    Completely outstanding photographs Guy! I will be revisiting this post several times. Jörg and his team make some marvelous watches. It feels like well spent money every single time!

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    Re: Another Stowa Flieger Original LE

    Awesome pics!

    Incredible watch as well. I assume the rhodium plating was by special request?

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    Re: Another Stowa Flieger Original LE

    Thanks for sharing ! Excellent movement pics!

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    Re: Another Stowa Flieger Original LE

    Fantastic shots - thanks for posting.


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    Re: Another Stowa Flieger Original LE

    Are you a professional photographer - if not, you should be - those are seriously good pics, not just technically but in composition as well.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Jorg would pay you for some of those (or give you a serious discount on your next purchase !)

    Brilliant - just makes so totally p*ssed off I missed the opportunity of getting one

    Jorg looks justifiably proud of his "baby" in your photo above

    Just one niggle - sorry the Lizard strap just doesn't suit and IMHO isn't appropriate. Have a look at He makes beautiful hand crafted straps to your personal specification, at a very reasonable price. (I'm not linked - just a very happy customer).

    Thanks for the great pics.
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    Re: Another Stowa Flieger Original LE

    This is probably the best way to get your Stowa! This is a splendid watch, and as usual, splendid photographs!

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