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    antea date

    i have noticed that around 12 noon, the date number is about halfway changed on my face. like inbetween 30-31. is this normal to be happening so far away from midnight? does anyone else have this problem? am i doing something wrong?

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    Re: antea date

    It sounds like to me your 12 hours out of sync. You just need to advance the watch by advancing the hands 12 hours. If it moves your date ahead a day then you have to adjust the date until it's the day before you are looking for an then move the hands around the dial until you're in the proper 1/2 of the 24 hour cycle. This is assuming it's a quick set date. Regardless of quick set or not you're in the wrong 1/2 of the cycle.

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    Re: antea date

    I think Gerry is right. The way I set the date on 2824 equipped watches is to first turn the hour and minute hand so the time past the 12:00 position. If the date advances, continuing to move the hands forward, I know I am setting the time as AM If the date soes not advance,I can move the hands forward to set PM time or go back for AM.

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