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    Antea KS - winding

    Hi guys
    Was just wondering if the winding limit on a KS is apparent ? Or whether its easy to overwind it ?

    How many turns fully winds it and what the power reserve is ?

    With my Speedy Pro its obvious when you reach the fully wound point, and realistically impossible to overwind,,

    Is it so obvious with the Antea KS ? I don't want to keep winding and then find i've gone too far..


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    Re: Antea KS - winding

    Power reserve is said to be up to 42h, wind it up until you feel resistance. With enough force you can overwind any hw watch btw, it is not impossible though but unlikely if you treat your watch right.

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    Re: Antea KS - winding

    I'm not sure how many turns it takes to fully wind my KS, but the stop is easily apparent. I wouldn't worry about overwinding.

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    Re: Antea KS - winding

    When my Antea KS is stopped I find that I wind about 40 turns before feeling resistance. If I wind it daily the number is about 20. I'm sure there will be slight differences between individuals and watches. Bottom line, just wind slow and steady and you will feel the resistance when your watch is fully wound.

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