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    Assistance Needed

    Recently, I sent my Stowa Pro Diver back to Viveca and Stowa as the caseback needed to be worked on. The watch came back tuesday and looks fantastic. the only think I have noticed since tuesday is that the watch is gaining 35-40 seconds per day when it was running +2 seconds per day when I sent it to Germany. When I got the watch back on tuesday, I did wind it about 35-40 turns to get it going but thats about it. Do you think that it is just the fact that the watch has been in the cold through the shipping process back to the usa from Germany? Is the winding 35-40 times what would make it run so fast? Or is it my greatest fear which is that its regulation got messed up through the shipping process and I will need to send it back to germany to be regulated . Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks stephen

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    Re: Assistance Needed

    First I would advice to calm down and have the watch settled again after the working on it and shipping back to you. In case the movement's accuracy isn't sufficient anymore there could also be the option to go for a qualified watchmaker to have the ETA 2824 regulated to vaoid any risk through shipping the watch around the world again.

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