Beautiful, old, ladies Stowa. Please help to identify.

Thread: Beautiful, old, ladies Stowa. Please help to identify.

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    Picture Beautiful, old, ladies Stowa. Please help to identify.

    Hello Gentleman,
    I'm new to this site and I wonder if anyone can help. The other day I stopped by the “Goodwill Store” near me just to look around, I had some time to kill, and something caught my eye in their jewelery case. In the middle of all the Walmart quartz watches, one particular ladies watch stood out. I asked the attendant to take it out of the case so I could take a better look. The design alone was so exquisite, with the watch case that blended with wrist bracelet, all gold plated. The quadrant was so small that I could not read the manufacturer name, but I could see a distinctive logo I had never seen before. So, I decided to buy it and took it home, where with help of the magnifing lens I was able to identify it as a Stowa "17 rubis", the watch is gold plated and has some number imprinted on the bracelet. It has a mechanical movement and it works, even though it will lose several minutes each day. I wonder if it's worth investing any money to have it cleaned? I browsed through the Stowa museum pictures, but was not able to find any watches that resemble this particular watch, so I would be very grateful if someone has any idea about the age of manufacture and if it is a collectible piece. I am including 4 pictures to help anyone who can provide any information. Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4. Thank you!

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    Re: Beautiful, old, ladies Stowa. Please help to identify.

    Typical watch of the early 60ties. I don´t think that cleaning will do it to stop inaccuracy. If there is a loss of several minutes a day you may also think to replace the spring. I wouldn´t invest much money. From time to time those old Stowa watches pop up on and they don´t fetch a lot.

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