Finally saw someone wearing a Stowa

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    Finally saw someone wearing a Stowa

    Was in a very crowded elevator today when some man holding something up in his hand came in. His arm was up and I looked and saw a white watch face. I looked closer because it looked as though the numbers went around the dial like a Stowa Antea, so I looked even closer. Sure enough it was a Stowa Antea ks 41. I always wanted to see that watch in person and on a wrist and there it was. Very nice. I liked the size. I was going to say something about the watch but decided against it. He probably would have liked that someone in the elevator knew about the watch, but it would have also been creepy that someone in a crowded elevator noticed his watch. The city isn't somewhere you want to announce a nice watch.

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    Re: Finally saw someone wearing a Stowa

    Trust me, if you wear a Stowa and people approach you and recognize your watch, most of us will be very happy to talk about it.

    Although growing in numbers, we are still pretty rare.

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    Re: Finally saw someone wearing a Stowa

    I need one..

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    I want to be a ONE watch guy!!

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    Re: Finally saw someone wearing a Stowa

    I have only seen (I think), three in the wild, and two of them I was guessing on because I was not close enough.

    They are cool watches. Everyone should have one in their collection at some point.
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    Re: Finally saw someone wearing a Stowa

    There 's a thread "Stowa in the wild" as well iirc.
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    Re: Finally saw someone wearing a Stowa

    I always appreciate speaking with another watch aficionado, especially when it's about a unique one like my Stowa MO with Roman Numerals. Unless the "aficionado" reaches out and touches my arm!! LOL.

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