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    first post, first good watch

    Hi, I have been reading the posts on the german watch forum and more specifically the Stowa forum for about the last six months. What I read convinced me that Stowa watches have outstanding craftsmanship and value, and that Jorg Schauer is a top flight watchmaker. So today I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first "good" watch. I ordered a Marine original with a matt finish. It will be delivered in May. Internet direct marketing is clearly an efficient delivery system for small companies, but it also certainly helps the newbie to have a forum that is as informative as this one. Thanks for the help. Best, Sam

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    Re: first post, first good watch

    Welcome! After lurking here for a while, I had the same thoughts about Stowa and this forum. Eventually it led me to step away from dive watches and towards some style. (Of course, I still like my dive watches and the Seatime gets more appealing all the time.) I'm currently waiting on my first Stowas, a polished MO and Airman auto, due in a couple of weeks. This is a great forum.
    // Rob

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