Fixing the movement of my Antea KS

Thread: Fixing the movement of my Antea KS

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    Fixing the movement of my Antea KS

    I'd like finally to fix my KS. What's wrong with when I spin the crown it no longer winds, and one can see that the spindle turns but whatever should be catching doesn't.

    I wish I had more a more precise vocabulary.

    Questions: If I wanted Stowa to fix it, what might that cost? If I wanted Stowa to replace the movement with another, equally decorated one, what would that cost?

    Or, let's say I just asked a watch maker to put in a generic, undecorated Peseux. Any ideas what that might cost?
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    Re: Fixing the movement of my Antea KS

    I would contact Jorg at Stowa directly to see what repair/servicing costs will be.
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