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Thread: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    I prefer the B dial. Lots going on, but it looks more like a pilot watch to me.
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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    I have had both several times from Stowa and Laco. The B provides more visual interest but find it too cluttered. I therefore prefer the A design.
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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    Quote Originally Posted by troy1000 View Post
    Regarding the length of hour hand - this could be just the angle of the photo which makes it look like the tip reaches the circle, I think in reality there's a small distance:

    or maybe length of the hand varies slightly between different watches.
    Looking at your and rhaythorne's photos I think you are right and I am mistaken (it's been a couple of years since I last owned a B dial). It looks like the hand touches the edge of the dots but not the actual circle. Regardless, I must have never felt the hand looked too short or undersized since I bought the watch twice and it was never an issue or concern.

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    I much prefer the A dial.

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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    Debating the same thing, owned a Stowa Flieger chrono and loved it but sold to acquire an Omega speedy FIOS. In want to get another flieger to join my FIOS and my newly acquired Hamiliton field mechanical. I prefer the A dial but feel the B dial might be better aligned to not feel to much the same as the Hamilton.

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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    Type A for me. Cleaner look. And I can't stand the shorter hour hand on Type B. From what I read, type A is more accurate resembling of the original WWII flieger (correct if I am wrong).
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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    Both Baumuster A and B dials were issued during WWII by Stowa (and the "other" four companies), so authenticity is fine - aside from the size, of course. I wouldn't change the hands at all to be honest: Stowa based these models on originals from their own historic line up.

    So dial selection is only a matter of personal preference, perhaps taking other watches in your collection into consideration.

    As a side note, I visited Stowa a few years ago and tried both versions, in the end choosing the Baumuster A, and still absolutely love it. You can't go wrong with either: I already own three Stowa watches - all of which are amazing quality, and happily worn regularly.
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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    As to the seconds hand counterweight on the Type B, don't overlook its little eclipse trick. I never get tired of watching this :)
    Nice, didn't know about such a perfect match in shapes of hands, for me that's another plus in favour of B-dial.

    As a side note, I visited Stowa a few years ago and tried both versions
    Probably this is the best way to make a choice, this summer we have plans to go to Paris by car, Englesbrand is perfectly on the way and as additional benefit of visiting the real store I may convince my wife to try the 36mm flieger on:)
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