Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial
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Thread: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

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    Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial


    I already have Flieger 6498 small second, absolutely love this watch, sometimes I can just sit and stare at it for a few minutes:)
    In the nearest future I plan to buy the smaller 40mm version (hand wound, no logo, no date) and have to decide which one is better.

    In my personal opinion

    +cleaner look
    +easier to read
    -too thick seconds hand

    +looks different than 6498 that I already have
    +perfect seconds hand, very thin with black tip
    -hours hand doesn't reach the circle on the dial
    -dial looks a bit crowded with numerals, at least on photos

    Is there anyone here who owns both fliegers A and B dial? Which one do you like more?
    How do you think is it possible to order A-dial watch with B-dial seconds hand? Movements and dial size are the same so it's a fairly easy modification, did anyone try it before?

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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    Interesting discussion. Curious on input. Always thought the B-dial very cool but too busy for my taste.

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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    I have 3 watches with a A dial (and a Verus).
    At the beginning I didn't like the B-dial but it might be my next Stowa.

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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    I own 1 Baumuster A (Stowa) and 2 Baumuster B (not Stowa). Prefer the Baumuster B. Don‘t agree that the hour hand on the Baumuster B is too short. Imho it is sized just right. Not reaching the circle (which isn‘t necessary to read the time in a glance) but hits the dots on the circle, similar to the Stowa 55mm predecessor though.

    Regsrding seconds hand change I‘d email Stowa CS.
    Kind regards

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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    I've had both watches, the B dial twice actually. All three were purchased new from Stowa and have been flipped but I may get another some day. Both wear the same on the wrist and look great. I think you'll be pleased with either of them.

    I have an opposing view regarding the seconds hands. I love the seconds hand on the A dial, the long blue counter balance adds a great deal of pop to an otherwise austere dial. The hand does not appear too thick to me. I find it well proportioned and close to those on the original B-Uhr watches. Compare it to the IWC photo below and I think you'll agree.

    Conversely I disliked the B dial seconds hand, I found it a bit thin and did not care for the black (non-blued) counter balance. The B dial is missing a lot of the blue that stands out on the A dial.

    Having said that, I preferred the B dial. The design is brilliant, perfect for teaching a youngster to tell time or for someone under a stressful situation to read the time accurately. Despite its busy look it is a simple layout, very easy to read quickly and accurately. No doubt why it was chosen to replace the older A dial design.

    BTW, the blued tip of the hour hand - the metal part - DOES just touch the inner circle perfectly.

    Name:  stowa_0011.jpg
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    Name:  stowa_0110.jpg
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    IWC B-Uhr for comparison (not my watch or photo)
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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    Didn't expect to hear from owners of both versions so fast, thanks for your input!
    Regarding the length of hour hand - this could be just the angle of the photo which makes it look like the tip reaches the circle, I think in reality there's a small distance:

    Name:  flieger_type_a_vs_type_b.jpg
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    or maybe length of the hand varies slightly between different watches.
    Given unlimited finances the only right choice would be to buy both of them but looks like b-dial will come first:)

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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    For me personally I much prefer the cleaner A dial
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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    I also have both: A-dial (non-Stowa) and B-dial (Stowa). I love both watches, and wear either fairly regularly.

    I fully agree with Quartersawn that from a functional point of view, the B-dial is brilliant, and is very intuitive to read. I do have a slight preference for the A-dial simply because of its cleaner look, but I must say that (at least to me) the A-dial seems to wear a little larger because of its design. Not sure if others have the same feeling.

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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    I prefer the A type dial by a long shot.

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    Re: Flieger 40mm A-dial vs B-dial

    If I had to choose one over the other I'd choose the Type A dial but, after a while, this can become a little plain and uninteresting to look at. It is, of course, an uber-functional piece and I doubt that much thought, if any, went into making it look "pretty". Luckily, I don't have to choose one over the other and opted to buy an example of both dials. After a week or so wearing the simple Type A it can be very refreshing to switch over to the more intricate Type B. The A and B designs are each perfect for their intended purpose and I think it would be a mistake to modify them by, as was suggested, swapping the A Type's seconds hand for the B Type's one.

    Name:  Stowa Flieger 90.jpg
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    Name:  Stowa Flieger Classic 40 Baumuster B 20190426.jpg
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    As to the seconds hand counterweight on the Type B, don't overlook its little eclipse trick. I never get tired of watching this :)

    Name:  stowa-fliegerb-second.jpg
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