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    Flieger Chrono or T02

    Am looking at getting a new watch

    Stow all the way, was close to getting the Chrono, but then saw the T02

    When I look at the T02...I sometimes think that there are too many markings?

    what are your thoughts...


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    Re: Flieger Chrono or T02

    Too different to be compared, movement wise, dial wise, case wise.
    Kind regards

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    Re: Flieger Chrono or T02

    Like Mike said too many things are from different tier
    But from these 2 choices I would pick TO2 with date

    However I do love the 41mm case the most among Stowa Flieger collection
    best proportion , best strap size

    but I'm not the chronograph guy. (FYI Stowa provided only 30mins lab)
    With the Classic Flieger look,
    the simple 2 hands Flieger hand winding wins

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    Re: Flieger Chrono or T02

    TO2 gets my vote as well.
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