Got a BNIB Flieger Original on eBay !!!

Thread: Got a BNIB Flieger Original on eBay !!!

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    Laughing Got a BNIB Flieger Original on eBay !!!

    This is probably my best watch buy ever

    I entered the Stowa FLieger Original craze quite late, actually I have been researching to find the right IWC watch for several months.

    Around christmas I discovered the Stowa Flieger Original, and I forgot all about the IWC.

    The Stowa was the watch I have been looking for, and I was prepared to be on the waiting list "until the end of 2009", so I made a reservation by mail to Stowa.

    10 days ago I suddenly found a BNIB FO serial version wiith swan neck adjustment and glass back for sale on eBay in Germany. The seller got it as a christmas present, but did'nt like it

    He was asking same price as a new watch from Stowa, which I find quite fair - but he would only ship domestic (Germany) and I'm living in Denmark.......

    There was no way I was letting this offer go, so I pressed the buy now button within minutes and mailed the seller to discuss delivery/pickup options - I was ready to drive the 2 x 450 miles to pick up the watch if shipping was impossible.

    Seller was quite reasonable though, and we agreed on DHL shipping to Denmark.

    The watch arrived yesterday - unused and with all papers and boxes, and I'm now the very happy owner of FO # 025.

    To all of you still waiting for your watch I can asure you that whatever the waiting time - the watch is worth it !!! You will not find anything below EUR 3000 that will match the quality and finish of this watch IMHO.


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    Re: Got a BNIB Flieger Original on eBay !!!

    Congrats! It doesn't get much better than saving yourself 11+ months of waiting without having to pay any extra. :)

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    Re: Got a BNIB Flieger Original on eBay !!!

    Nice catch, congratulations

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    Re: Got a BNIB Flieger Original on eBay !!!

    Great pickup, congrats!

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    Re: Got a BNIB Flieger Original on eBay !!!

    Well done! From one who's always on the lookout for a FO.
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    Re: Got a BNIB Flieger Original on eBay !!!

    Well done! I'm on the waiting list (June 09) and can't wait! I can't believe that the seller didn't add a couple of hundred euros to the price to avoid the waiting list, I'm sure he would have gotten it. Oh well, his loss is your gain.
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    Re: Got a BNIB Flieger Original on eBay !!!

    you don't know how lucky you are
    the golds must have been smiling at you
    enjoy it

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