I would love to see some pics to help me decide whether to pull the trigger on a black dial/bezeled Prodiver. I've been sitting on the fence over whether to buy one. I can't find any Prodiver on dress strap pics from searches. If any of you have tried, please post your pics.

A short history on my quest for the most versatile diver: I started with a Seiko MM. It looked great on any strap I tried on it. I slapped a black gator strap on it and wore it with a suit. The next day, I could put it on a NATO and go to the beach. Its one failing was that it had 20mm lugs, so I sold it. I recently paid more than I can afford for an Omega 45.5 PO. It looks perfect on everything too, with 22mm lugs to boot, but it's about a grand more than I should have spend and I need to sell it. This leaves me looking again at the Prodiver. I just can't picture it on my wrist on a nice strap with a suit.