Help identifying an inherited STOWA timepiece?

Thread: Help identifying an inherited STOWA timepiece?

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    Confused Help identifying an inherited STOWA timepiece?

    I recently inherited a gorgeous STOWA-made watch from my great grandmother in Germany. I've looked around out of mere curiousity to see if I could identify the year and name of this specific watch, and perhaps how much it would be worth (though I have zero intentions of ever letting go of it).
    Unfortunately, I've had no luck so far, as it seems to be a unique style. I've taken a series of photos of the timepiece, and I hope someone may be able to point me in the right direction in discovering more information about this beautiful heirloom.

    Some information on the watch:
    It is a solid gold (not sure what karat - it has no information other than "STOWA" on it), and it is about an inch and a half in diameter. It is a wind-up ladies timepiece, so it sits on a gold chain (whether it is stock or not, I've no clue). The hands are black, and there are ornate engravings in the gold on the face as well as on the body surrounding it. On the back of the timepiece there is a romantic painting of a couple attached. I don't know any watch lingo, so I'm sorry if any of this is extraneous or isn't worded properly.
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    Re: Help identifying an inherited STOWA timepiece?


    those ornament watches were very popular in the middle of the last century.
    STOWA offered them in many variations: Open face, closed with a lid; the back decorated with painting, with enamel or engraved.

    Here in my album you can see some of them:


    I don't think your watch is "solid gold" as long as there is no stamp in the watch. All (about 10 pcs.) of my watches are gold plated - but nonetheless I love them.

    As a rule we don't price any watch here in the forum.
    If you search ebay for "Stowa Schmuckuhr", you probably will find them.
    I paid less than 50,- € per item.


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    Re: Help identifying an inherited STOWA timepiece?

    Thank you so much for all of your information!

    I was really curious, especially since the watch had no markings. I don't know much about jewelry, and especially not watches, so I didn't realize it would have been gold-plated, but it's refreshing to know; now I won't make the same mistake!
    This little watch means a lot me, so I really appreciated learning more about it.

    Thank you again!

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