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    Historic Stowa watches: Antea Romeon

    Browsing through the new catalogue it's obvious, that Stowa has created a remarkable model line-up, from dress watches to professional divers, just within a few years. Visiting also the Stowa Museum, there are still plenty of historic watches, asking for their modern reinterpretation. One of the most interesting new variation could be the Antea "Römisch". Personally, while I do not think this will very much influence Herr Schauer, I would die for an Antea "Römisch, kleine Secunde". The ice on the cake would be the blued "pomme" hands - like the second hand of the prodiver, but a nice whole intead of the luminescent dot.
    Here's the original Bauhaus model from the Museum with straight hands!

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    Re: Historic Stowa watches: Antea Romeon

    I have seen that watch, too, and am very taken by the dial color. It screams vintage, more rose than cream-colored. I would love to see an Antea closely modeled on that watch, but larger than the current KS.
    // Rob

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