How chunky does the Seatime wear? (second thoughts)

Thread: How chunky does the Seatime wear? (second thoughts)

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    How chunky does the Seatime wear? (second thoughts)

    I have a Seatime on order and am having second thoughts about getting a B-Dial Flieger instead.

    On one hand, I tend to not like heavy, chunky watches and I'm wondering where the Seatime fits in. 13.5mm height has me a bit concerned. The 50mm lug to lug seems like a breeze though.

    I know the 40mm Flieger would be a lower profile and lighter watch.

    On the other hand, I already have a flieger dial in my Damasko, and I don't own a diver at all among my ten watches.

    If anybody has been able to wear one of each, I'd like to hear how they compare.

    If Seatime owners can let me know how heavy / bulky the Seatime is on the wrist, I'd appreciate it.

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    Re: How chunky does the Seatime wear? (second thoughts)


    I used to have the same concerns before ordering my Seatime - all eliminated when trying it on for the first time. Being a robust piece with much character and individuality, the watch does wear chunky and heavy - especially in comparison to my 'dressier' timepieces. And - next to versatility - this is one of the reasons it gets a lot of wrist-time. One of the watches I would buy again without any hesitation.

    I guess a sports watch/diver would make a great contribution to your current collection.

    Though this is a personal insight, I hope it helps you further.



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    Re: How chunky does the Seatime wear? (second thoughts)

    The Seatime, I wear it on rubber, is a hefty tiempiece. My Flieger gets def. more wirst time. Even the Archimede Fliger Unitas (45mm) gets more wrist time cpmpared too the Seatime, just becuase of the fact that even this one is more flat.
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    Re: How chunky does the Seatime wear? (second thoughts)

    I bought a used Seatime recently and has been said it is a chunky, heavy watch, especially with the bracelet. Fortunately mine also had the rubber strap that I find to be more comfortable and what I will likely wear through the summer and then try the bracelet again.

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    Re: How chunky does the Seatime wear? (second thoughts)

    The Stowa Flieger is very light, and you hardly know you have it on. The Seatime or Prodiver, on the other hand, is quite heavy. With bracelet it is very heavy and you will notice it. With leather it was a little better. I never tried it with rubber. It is also much taller than the flieger.

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    Re: How chunky does the Seatime wear? (second thoughts)

    To all,

    Two different watches two different purposes! If you can have only one watch then this be comes a concern but if you can have several then not so much. Mike too is for, I like your watch too. If you are comparing then you would compare it too, ok!
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