I am in foR FO2

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    I am in foR FO2

    I receive the message from STOWA I am in the list but what I have to do to really order the watch,strap and plain case back.
    Do I have to contact again or just waiting ?.
    I am happy to be on the list not for FO1 but FO2 its perfect as soon I get the watch.saphir no swnan but with plain caseback no problem

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    Re: I am in foR FO2

    Well, my notification email from Stowa came with versions of the order form attached.
    You just have to choose the correct copy to use and fill in your selection of straps and shipping option.
    Do remember to fill in your correspondence and shipping details. :)
    Then I just forwarded the completed form back to Viveca.
    Hope this is helpful.

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