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    Rolling eyes I have a dream....

    ... and maybe it could become true in Engelsbrand.

    I am still excited for the FO LE that I received in 2008 that makes me enthusiast for the noticeable quality and care of all the details in this beautiful example of Stowa timepieces.
    The most important aspect to me is that the FO LE is close to the original B-Uhren of WWII as much as possible and is made by one of the suppliers to the WWII Luftwaffe (I apologize for this preference, but the historical honesty is quite important to me, being a collector of military watches).

    I know that in the history of Stowa another watch (at least) was supplied to German military forces. The Stowa's Kriegsmarine Deck Pocket Watch (II Klass B-Uhr) which pictures (cool ) are available on line from SteveG's website and here embedded for reader's use:

    This watch inspired Jörg Schauer to produce the present Marine Original that is really a beautiful watch, but not so close to the original as the FO LE is.

    For this, I would have a proposal to Mr. Schauer to consider to produce a version (maybe limited editon, maybe not... it does not matter to me) of the Marine Original the closest the possible to this beautiful timepeice of the '40s, by introducing some small changes in the existing model such as:
    - the printing "KM" (stands for Kriegsmarine - Military Navy in German) on the dial of the watch, above the "STOWA" printing, as well as in the pocket watch;
    - the full lume white dial, as in the original pocketwatch;
    - the marking "II Kl." (2nd class, a type of navigation instruments for German forces) on the case (in the original model was printed on the caseback, in the MO this should not be possible, being the caseback a sapphire crystal and not massive, so I would suggest to print it on the metal frame of the caseback crystal);
    - of course, it would be possible any printing if the existing watch would have a hinged massive second caseback, as in the original pocketwatch, but I believe this would be too difficult to get from the existing case of the MO;
    - last, I would like to have printed the German eagle if the hinged massive second caseback would be possible. Not the symbol as the pocketwatch has, the eagle - Bundeswappen - is still the symbol of German Federal Republic - Deutscher Bund - and the eagle was already the symbol of German people since Charlemagne (Karl der Große) age and before (about 800 AC) so there's no any connection with an ideology that we all reject.

    This is only a dream, for the moment, but sometimes dreams come true.
    What do you think about such a watch, my forum friends?
    Would you consider to buy a so-modified Stowa MO?
    Opinions, suggestions and comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: I have a dream....

    I would love that MO
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    Re: I have a dream....

    I would love a MO with a luminous dial.

    I don't feel that the other details (KM above Stowa logo, for instance) are necessary, but a luminous dial would be amazing!

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    Re: I have a dream....

    OK, we are 3 at least!!!
    The other details are unnecessary, that's true, but these would keep the MO the closest the possible to the original pocketwatch.
    It would be like for the FO LE, a cool commemorative watch.....

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