Info Appreciated on 1930's Stowa Rectangular

Thread: Info Appreciated on 1930's Stowa Rectangular

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    Info Appreciated on 1930's Stowa Rectangular

    Hello All,

    This is my first post. I've been reading through this forum for quite some time now; it has been an invaluable resource for me, and I've been very appreciative of everyone's thoughtful posts.

    I recently picked up a c. 1937 Stowa rectangular watch on the cheap which I believe is, at least partially, authentic. Although in poor cosmetic condition, it looks nearly identical to a stock photo from a 2013 forum post about vintage Stowa rectangular watches. I've attached comparison photos. The primary difference between the watches is in the case lugs, which are rounded compared to the stock photo. I believe the case was overpolished at some point in time, and the original sharp/angular edges became blunted in the process.

    I'm curious what everyone thinks of the watch. Do you think the two watches are the same? If so, can anyone provide more information on it? Is the watch collectible, or is the condition simply too shabby? I plan to wear it in its current condition (I'm not afraid of even heavy patina) and have no desire to restore it. I really enjoy the original Bauhaus/Werkbund dials (designed by Weber & Baral?) which feature the font that Nomos later appropriated (I also have a Solida and a Nomeca with nearly identical dials). If authentic, this watch has some really cool history and I'll be proud to wear it. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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    Re: Info Appreciated on 1930's Stowa Rectangular

    I am sure you got the real thing. I would consider getting it re-chromed. Would be an eye-catching match with the patina dial. I am also sure that the dial was made by Weber & Baral. Kind of a modification of the dial no. 441 with blued small seconds hand you see in the Stowa booklet, p. 49. If you haven't got the booklet yet > order it.
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    Re: Info Appreciated on 1930's Stowa Rectangular

    Definitely worth restoring IMHO. Great looking watch.
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    Re: Info Appreciated on 1930's Stowa Rectangular

    Excellent; thank you so much! I went ahead and ordered a hardcopy of the Stowa booklet (A Stowa rep immediately replied and said a copy would be sent post haste...great customer service). Thanks, Mike, for the info and the suggestion. Regarding case replating, is there someone you, or anyone else here, can recommend? After reading through people's experiences of replating I'm a little skeptical...

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