Info on Stowa packet watch needed

Thread: Info on Stowa packet watch needed

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    Info on Stowa packet watch needed

    I have an old Stowa watch from my grandfather. All markings inside the watch have been recorded so that I can get more information (quality, age, value, etc. ) about the watch. Can anyone help me or guide me as to what I have to do next? Thank you...juju

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    Re: Info on Stowa packet watch needed

    Hi juju19577,

    you should post some pics here and in the "Pocket & Vintage watches" board.

    I'm sure you will get a lot of information about that watch,


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    Re: Info on Stowa packet watch needed

    Without some pics I can`t help. Your pocket watch probably was assembled by Stowa in Pforzheim or close to the German/Swiss border, depends on the year it was made. Stowa had no pocket watch movements of their own so it is most likely a swiss made one. Stowa can´t give you additional information because there are no records held on watches made during the 50ties to 70ties. Regarding value: Probably not that much, you may check to get an idea.

    BTW: deleted your (double) post on "Inquiries" because it does not belong there.
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    Re: Info on Stowa packet watch needed

    Throw up some pics. I have been looking for a cool pocketwatch for some time. This is a fashion and trend that I wish would become mainstream again.
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