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    On it's Way....

    I got word today that this:

    Should hopefully be in the mail tomorrow from Germany!
    No date, steel caseback.
    Great to have one on the way after selling so many lately, really looking forward to it
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    Re: On it's Way....

    Nice choice! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine. I can't wait to see your pics.

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    Cool Re: On it's Way....


    I think we are on a similar wavelenth!!B-)

    Awesome watch!!

    I had a Pink LE Seatime and ever since I sold it I missed it. So much so I sold the U1 I got from you and deciding between another SMP or Pro-Diver I went with a Pro-Diver!!

    I am thinking of two options. Black dial and black hands or black dial and silver hands. Still deciding but as you will see the Lume is so good you will be spoiled. Nothing compares to the build and quality and lume!!

    The build and workmanship I have not seen duplicated in any watch I have had yet. The case is just so cool and the dial is large. I had a AlphaTime Sawfish and although the watch was nice the dial was dwarfed by the large case. The Seatime has a large easily readable dial. The sapphire crystal could use an ar coating on the inside but I would rather have no ar coating than one on the outside. Any piece of lint or even dirty air(hello I live in L.A.) and the forget fingerprints the crystal is smudged at least onn a U1! I will trade some refraction for not having to wipe the crystal 50 times a day.

    The band is another element of quality. I think it is one of the best bands out there. The band is very heavy and the large screw pins allow easy adjustment of the band. Because of the design the band is very comfortable. In fact the watch for its massive size is very comfortable. It is a big watch but once you get used to the heft it becomes attached to your wrist. I think the band is of such a high quality and fit that it just shows how close to perfectionn one can get. I have had a lot of watches and I have to say that the one Stowa I had was the best example of quality craftsmanship I have seen. Not to say that I have not had a few in very close company but there is just something about how the Seatime is made. It exudes quality!

    So enjoy the Seatime while you are waiting for that Damasko. You may just get so used to the Stowa......well I am sure the lume on the Damasko is goodB-)

    Great Choice!

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    Re: On it's Way....

    Beautiful Watch! Love the stainless bezel and i think the no-date dial is more handsome...I thought the no-date version was no longer offered?

    I think we are on the same wavelength as well...my next watch is either the damasko dc57 or a prodiver....decisions.

    Enjoy it!

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    Re: On it's Way....

    Hi Tragic, welcome to the club

    Our club house:

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