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    Jorg is a class act

    I have to post that Jorg is absolutely a class act
    I few weeks ago I had noticed that I was missing a screw for my Artus mesh bracelet, it had been lost/misplaced, and I couldn't add an extension link.
    One email to Jorg and a new one was in the mail to the States.
    Received today!No charge!
    Thank you for great costumer service , no questions asked, while this may seem like a small thing ,this is the difference between good and great IMHO

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    Re: Jorg is a class act

    I am so happy you enjoy Stowa's after sale and customer service and appreciate you share your joy with the rest of us. IMHO, the after sale says a lot about a company and the customer satisfaction is rated above all. Herr Schauer is the best!! He answered all my emails even to the most easy and simple question and make me feel like he is the boss of the "one man shop" company. I still cannot believe he is the boss of such a company with such prestige historical background and is producing so many watches that all of us owners swear that the recent purchase is not going to be the last one. I've just gotten my second Stowa and is already thinking about my third one. It's Amazing! Well done. Mr. Schauer!!!

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    Re: Jorg is a class act

    Agreed! I had a similar experience.

    I recently purchased a Stowa Ikarus from a fellow forum member. The old style strap was missing the second loop. When I emailed Stowa, asking if it were possible to purchase another loop, Ms. Hafner mailed me a replacement free of charge! Excellent service.
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