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    Just ordered my first watch

    I’ve been following this forum for about 6 months and have finally ordered my first watch.

    The company I work for has had design consultants in to give advice on improving the brand values of the machines we design and build. One of the things they had us look at was high end watches for the attention to detail and finish.

    It has been over 2 years since I last wore a watch (even then it cost less than £100) so I was surprised to find I’d been infected with the watch bug.

    CAR magazine have a small section on watches every month and it was there I first came across the name Stowa.

    The Antea KS caught my eye as its simple understated design shouted class. This was a watch I could live with and although its price was higher than I’d paid before it seemed reasonable compared to other manufacturers. Having decided this was the watch for me I then came across Mike Stuffler’s review of the Chronograph 1938.

    This brilliant review and of course the gorgeous watch now caused me to waiver. Although not as simple as the Antea I was very drawn by the 1938. The pressed dial and gold sword-like hands oozed quality and sophistication. The only fly in the ointment was its bulk. Previously I’d gone for watches around 36mm diameter and less than 6mm thick. The Chronograph was a monster compared to that…a beautiful monster though.

    To get a feel for the size I used the dimensions and side elevations in the review to produce a model on a 3D rapid prototype printer (one of the benefits of being a Design Engineer). With this model sitting on my wrist I was able to tell that the diameter was fine but the thickness too much. How do you guys cope with something this tall?

    The hints of new Stowa models at Baselworld 2011 delayed a decision further. The release of details of the MO Durowe caused me to realise that I’d managed the overlook the Marine range. The case depth falls between the Antea and Chronograph and the more I read about the Marine Original convinced me I should order this.

    My potential spend had now nearly doubled from the Antea but there was still a problem. The pictures of the MO Durowe kept calling to me! This watch bug was getting more expensive with yet another jump in price.

    For the next few weeks I would visit this forum at least twice a day to glean information on the MO & Durowe version. Followed by a visit to the Stowa site to gaze at the watches like a small boy with his nose pressed against the window of a sweet shop.

    One big push to placing an order was the unexpected win of the Durowe calendar in the recent raffle. This must have been a sign from the gods.

    So, yesterday I finally decided…………..

    ………..and the winner is ………..

    ………..a Marine Original with Durowe movement, grey Croco strap & deployment buckle.

    My original budget has now trebled but this is a watch I would hope to get many years use from and it sure looks great. I’m never going to be a collector, this will probably be my only watch, as I can’t justify spending these sums on further selfish baubles. Having said that I did think the gold ‘steampunk’ SCHAUER Kulisse 9 shown on here recently would look superb on my wrist. Maybe I’ve got this watch bug worse that I thought!

    Just got to wait now until November!

    Thanks to everyone one here for the great advice. It has been very helpful in making my choice.

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    Re: Just ordered my first watch

    I'm certain you won't be disappointed, I'm also certain it won't be your only watch ha, although it might turn out to be your most expensive. I think Mike a little while ago posted a pic of a MO on a grey croco strap and it looked great.

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    Re: Just ordered my first watch

    First: Congrats on your decision to order this wonderful watch.

    I’m never going to be a collector,
    This could have been my statement.......many years ago.
    ....this will probably be my only watch
    Hi, this is what I call a "calming drug" or like whistling when entering the dark cellar......

    Have fun with your new hobby,


    PS: This is another KULISSE that looks superb on my wrist:

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    Re: Just ordered my first watch

    Nice story and congratulations on your purchase. I found it particularly interesting because you were basically deciding between the two watches I am with the exact same configurations. While I haven't yet decided whether this is a good time in my life to buy that nice of a watch (I'm 27 years old), the DUROWE Marine w/grey croc strap was the one I came up with the other day as my hypothetical purchase.

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    Re: Just ordered my first watch

    Congratulations. I think making a decision is the hardest part. Especially when we rarely see the timepieces we're considering. (at least it is rare that I see them). I picked up my first (a Sinn) a few years back, but now I'm considering a 2nd German of course.

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