Klassik 40 question re readability.

Thread: Klassik 40 question re readability.

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    Klassik 40 question re readability.

    I've had my Flieger Klassik 40 for a few months now, and I have been very pleased with it.

    I do have a little niggle with its readability however and I am curious to know if any other owners of this watch have experienced the same small problem.

    When reading the time by casting a quick look at the watch, I have sometimes mistaken the rather large and wide second hand for the minute hand.

    Does anyone else find the second hand to be a bit too obtrusive?


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    Re: Klassik 40 question re readability.

    Never noticed that myself

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    Re: Klassik 40 question re readability.

    So far so good. A quick glance and I can read the time. The trick is to know where to zoom and do a quick snapshot in my mind. Then I will process the picture in split second. Voila. I have the time in my head.

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    Re: Klassik 40 question re readability.

    I personally had more trouble with the similar size/shape of the lume in the hour and minute hands. Not a problem in bright light when the full blued hands are obvious, but more so in low light. Just took a sec, but always wished they were a little more distinct, like on the b dial.

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