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    m/o unitas movement

    Does anyone think the m/o will change movements anytime soon? i hope to order one later this year, and one of the reasons for that is the beautiful unitas movement displayed in the back, and i would hate for a new movement that was not so pleasing on the eye. Its just that ive heard mutterings on this site of a Durowe/???, i just hope by christmas time there havent been changes.

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    Re: m/o unitas movement

    If Jörg will change - and I don`t think he will - the WUS members will be the frist to be notified.

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    Re: m/o unitas movement

    I think eventually we'll be seeing these in there:


    Durowe 7440
    Base: Unitas 6498

    DUROWE's own bridges
    based on a Unitas 6498
    (Design: Jörg Schauer)

    Jörg Schauer has held the Durowe trademark
    rights since 2002 and they are protected worldwide. Aim:
    A permanent increase in the value added by manufacturing
    additional parts such as screws, jewels, locking mechanisms,
    precision adjustments, etc. in Germany, possibly culminating
    in the manufacture of movement blanks.

    The trains, pinions, balance-wheels and anchors will not be
    manufactured. Large range of surface finishes.


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    Re: m/o unitas movement

    If the DUROWE mvt. will come, it will in addition to the traditional UNITAS MO, not to replace it,


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    Re: m/o unitas movement

    Jörg, JohnF and me had a chat on the new Durowe in Basel, here's an excerpt:

    The DUROWE 7440

    The last handwinding Durowe movement ever been produced was the Durowe 7438 so consequently the new Durowe will be the 7440. It is based on the Unitas 6498, the bridges have been designed and worked out by Jörg.

    Up to know the Durowe 7440 is a "living project", so changes are still possible, it is a ever changing process. Jörg`s aim is to achieve an increasing creation of value by producing more and more parts in-house in Germany. Jörg mentioned screws, jewels, fine regulation maybe up to a complete in-house movement production.

    As you may see from the attached pics a lot of modification and decoration can be done.

    In the future it could be possible that those movements will be sold to other manufacturers too. For the near future those movements will be exclusively used by Schauer and Stowa.

    All pics by Mike Stuffler and JohnF.

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    Re: m/o unitas movement

    That would be cool if Jorg switched from the ubiquitous Unitas movement. Something different and exclusive to Stowa. I guess that would mean the prices would go up.
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