m/o versus tag heuer vintage calibre 1

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    m/o versus tag heuer vintage calibre 1

    If anyone had any doubt as to how good the m/o is for the money, should take a look at Tag Heuers vintage calibre 1. I live in a small market town, and my local jeweller there had one of the above mentioned in his window,[in fact he had 2 in stock, and i believe they are a ltd edition of 2000] he had them retailing at £3500!!!,yes it comes in a fancy box with another strap etc, but correct me if im wrong but it has the same unitas movement as the m/o albeit modified to a different standard.Tag watches have gone through the roof in my opinion, and having had a really good look at the calibre 1 would say that you simply could not choose between the finish of the two. I guess that is the wonder of buying online, because surely the m/o would retail in shop for at least £1500.

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    Re: m/o versus tag heuer vintage calibre 1

    All the Stowas are really just quality pieces, and then when you factor in the price...well, IMHO they have to be one of the best values out there. And the MO is just crazy nice!

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    Re: m/o versus tag heuer vintage calibre 1

    Well, let's see: MO vs. TAG calibre 1

    1.Price is half or more than that of TAG. TAG is more than twice of MO. MO +
    2.Has a swan neck regular. TAG does not have one. MO ++
    3.Has an enamel dial. TAG has a black dial. MO+++
    4.Has a sunken subdial. TAG has a "fancy" half subdial that you need to turn your head to see the running second. MO++++
    5.is thinner and lighter. TAG is thicker and heavier. MO+++++
    6.can let you brag, complain, praise, and fuss over about the watch directly to the big boss of the company. TAG cannot let you do that - Mr. who? MO++++++

    What else, oh, MO has this 80 pieces worldwide limited edition and even that is more than half of the TAG Calibre 1 2000 pieces worldwide limited edition.

    Need to say more?

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    Re: m/o versus tag heuer vintage calibre 1

    ....and what's about bragging around with the brand?

    That's much easier with a TAG Heuer than with a STOWA. :oops:

    But I guess, people who want to brag aren't members nor visitors here, are they?

    As a result, the balance for MO remains at 6+,


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    Re: m/o versus tag heuer vintage calibre 1

    Both are extremely nice, and also extremely different in style. I can't imagine someone who comparing them against one another any more than a car shopper might struggle to decide between a minivan and a roadster.

    I own the Tag Calibre 1 vintage, and will buy a Stowa Marine. Same movement, totally different look. I doubt I will ever struggle when deciding which to wear on a given day.

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    Re: m/o versus tag heuer vintage calibre 1


    Come on, I mean really! I don't believe tags could be compared to a minivan! Maybe a really hot KIA, anyway Tags aren't that bad. Plus you are about a couple of years behind to boot!


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    Re: m/o versus tag heuer vintage calibre 1

    I'm not comparing either to a minivan, just an analogy. The TAG is sporty, while the Stowa is dressy, very different styles.
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