MOLE - Origin of the RED 12 ??

Thread: MOLE - Origin of the RED 12 ??

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    MOLE - Origin of the RED 12 ??

    Hi All,

    first post on the Stowa dedicated forum and so pleased to have recieved my Fedex tracking number for the MO which will be with me on last !!!

    I have a small question however. As I, like most MO oweners I would imagine, would have dearly loved to have obtained a MOLE......I was wondering is anyone could enlighten me as to the origin of the red 12 hour marker ??

    I ask this as I was browsing a local flea market yesterday and came across two very old watches both white faced with sub-dials and red 12 hour markers. I also came across this;

    ....which claims to be the first ever Rolex

    Any ideas anyone ???

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    Re: MOLE - Origin of the RED 12 ??

    2 days and not one single suggestion ???? Nevermind, I'm very very excited as the Fedex tracking page says that my MO is on the vehicle from the local depot for it should arrive this morning......wooohoooo

    .......pity I'm at work though

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    Re: MOLE - Origin of the RED 12 ??

    I'm surprised also. Saw this when you posted it, but didn't know the answer.

    Someone has to know......
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    Re: MOLE - Origin of the RED 12 ??

    I seem to recall reading that a red 12 signified that the given watch was handmade. (At least partially.) However, a few quick searches didn't result in confirmation so I am probably mistaken.

    Anyway, congratulations on getting your MOLE!!! I am sure you will love it!

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    Re: MOLE - Origin of the RED 12 ??

    Maybe this link may shed some light:

    Happened to spot one blue 12 omega watch like the one on the link but the size seems to be meant for ladies.

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